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What are the benefits of using an independent insurance agent?

E. J. Coyne & Company represents several different insurance companies, not just one company, which means we can offer you a choice of insurance plans. We shop around to provide you the best combination of competitive pricing, appropriate coverage, and consistent, personalized service.

With one phone call to us, you can find a full range of insurance products for your personal and business needs. And, as your needs change or insurance plans change, you can switch insurance companies and still work with your same, trusted insurance agent.

How can I lower the costs of my insurance?

When you use an independent insurance agent for all of your insurance policies, we can make sure that none of your coverage overlaps, apply discounts for purchasing multiple policies, and determine that you are not paying for things you don’t need. Before you buy a car, call us to see what it will cost to insure it. More expensive cars cost more to repair, maintain and insure. Performance cars cost more to insure than family sedans. The safety equipment you select may also lead to a variety of discounts. Consider increasing your deductibles. By raising the amount you pay out-of-pocket for losses, you can save more on your policy. Drive safely. A clean driving record can potentially lower your insurance rates. Some insurance companies provide discounts based on the payment options you choose.

What should I do if I have an auto accident?

  1. Call the police. Get help for the injured.
  2. Get names, addresses, phone numbers, makes of vehicles, and license numbers for other drivers, passengers, and witnesses.
  3. Obtain the other driver’s insurance information including the name of the company, policy number, and contact information.
  4. Carefully examine damage to the other vehicle.
  5. Do not admit fault.
  6. Discuss the accident only with the police, your insurance company, and your insurance agent.
  7. Notify your insurance agent immediately. If it is after hours, see Companies Represented for your insurance company’s 24 hour hotline.

How do I report a claim?

If you have a claim during regular business hours, please call us first so we can help you through the process and advise you. Outside of regular business hours, call your insurance company directly using the phone numbers on the Companies Represented page.

How much auto insurance do I need?

Auto insurance is a combination of liability, collision, comprehensive, and medical coverage. There are different levels of coverage and of deductibles. Contact Us and we will work with you to determine the right levels of insurance for your specific needs.

How much home insurance do I need?

The cost to rebuild your home, the estimated market value, and the purchase price can be very different numbers. We will help you determine the right kinds and levels of insurance to make sure your home has enough protection.

Do I need life insurance?

Generally, you should consider life insurance if:

  • You have a spouse
  • You have dependent children
  • Other family members depend on you for support

Be sure to update your life insurance when life changes occur such as marriage, divorce, illness, births, and deaths.

What insurance do I need when remodeling my house?

Always call your E. J. Coyne & Company agent when you are planning improvements to your home. Many policies cover home improvements but the insurance company must be notified before the work starts.

Do I need additional insurance for my personal items such as jewelry and artwork?

A scheduled property endorsement is an optional addition to a homeowner’s policy and describes items of personal property, each to be insured for a specified amount agreed to. Independent appraisal may be necessary to establish the insurable value.

Are fireworks accidents covered under my homeowner’s policy?

Insurance companies will not pay for damage if you have violated the law or if circumstances could not be deemed accidental. Call your E. J. Coyne & Company agent to review the conditions and exclusions in your policy.

What insurance do I need when I rent a car?

Most auto insurance policies include personal rental car coverage up to the limits you selected. Certain exclusions apply. Ask your E. J. Coyne & Company agent for more details.

When should I get business insurance?

You should have business insurance on the first day of business. If you suffer a loss and have no insurance or have improper or insufficient coverage, you may be out of business before you get started.

If you rent space for your business, your landlord probably requires you to obtain adequate insurance.

What types of business insurance do I need?

Just like your home and your car, your business needs to be protected from loss, damage, and liability. In addition, your business is your source of income, so you need protection from the potential loss of that income.

If you have a home-based business, your homeowner’s policy may not provide all the protection you need. Call us to review your policy.

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